Airbrush 2: The Brushening

Alright so this time was a little bit better. I learned to use the regulator so the air pressure wasn’t quite so bad. I also played around a little with her ears for a future face up on Fray (I’d really like the tips of his ears to be black). So without further ado, here’s LR with her new look:

Cindy Wright 2015
LR: Oh thank God…


Cindy Wright 2015

Now, I didn’t use the airbrush for all the shading. It was pretty much just the base, and the rest was pastels. as I get a little bolder I’m sure I’ll use it for more, but the thing that frustrates me the most right now is that I can’t seem to get the eyelashes down.

Cindy Wright 2015

They just don’t have that same look. I’m gonna take it to DoA to see if anyone can put out some recommendations/critiques. Next up: Atticus will get a new look. He’ll be my first actual doll to go under the airbrush. 😀

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