Immortality of Soul FINALLY brought 70cm bodies back! (Plus other news)

It's been a long time coming. OVER A YEAR after they started talking about sculpting a new 70cm body, it's finally here! And it appears to have been worth the wait. Oh la la! Flashing back to late May/early June 2014, IoS made an announcement that they were discontinuing all their sculpts and once the [...]

Top 10 Cat-Themed Dolls

It's been awhile since I've done one of these! Cats are, admittedly, my favorite fuzzy creature. I love cats! More over, I love cat-themed BJD's. This list will have a variety of creations from anthros to quadrupedal to just catish. This is all personal preference so I'm sorry if your favorite isn't listed here! 1. [...]

You’re killing me, Soom.

Chrom was an awesome limited doll. It doesn't need to be said, considering at least 75% of Soom limiteds are just this mass of awesome, and now they've rereleased him.And, Imo, he's better than ever. Yeah, the fantasy parts are lacking, as they were with Heliot, but there's something about that face that just gives [...]

SOOM Heliot Rerelease (sort of).

So, I guess I'm beside myself right now. I was never immune to Heliot's magical whims, so when SOOM posted on Facebook about a re release of everyone's favorite grail doll, I about had a heart attack. Then I saw it. He's still an amazing looking doll, yes. I am just a twinge disappointed that [...]