Doll Model: SOOM Gena CW

Full Name: Scarlett Rose

Nickname(s): Creeps McGhee

Age: 19

Birthday: December 27

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Red (Used to be green)

Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Species: Cursed Human – After a very rough upbringing with the foreseeable future only looking worse, Scarlet made a proverbial deal with the devil to alleviate some of her problems, somehow not realizing that this would open a completely different can of worms. At least this can of worms comes with perks. As a cursed human, Scarlet has subtle powers of prediction and suggestion, along with a couple others she may not be aware of yet.

Personality: Scarlet’s commanding presence makes her intimidating upon first meeting, but the more one interacts with the strange girl, the more her kindness shines through, along with the weird vibes surrounding her. She smiles often, and often that smile is quite unsettling. While she is not withdrawn, she is quite reserved about her personal information and history, and has thus far not spilt the beans about what she went through. It’s a heavy burden to bare by herself, but one she feels is absolutely necessary.

Likes: Cats, the occult/supernatural, cooking

Dislikes: Ignorant comments, fast food, television

Favorite Food: Apples