New Crew for 2016!

I kinda figured it would only be a matter of time, but I didn’t think I’d find new dolls so early in the year. These will probably be my last editions for a long time since they dropped so close to each other and it’s going to take my wallet awhile to recover from this. I’ve wanted to focus on buying clothes and accessories for the dolls I already have, but hopefully now that my checklist is complete, that will actually be a reachable goal.


The first is Withdoll Pooky. I fell in love with that smirk at first sight. Reason being that it reminds me of the smirk of a familiar vampire who may or may not be getting a daughter (spoiler alert: he is). I’ve never made a doll family before. It’ll be interesting to see how I can match them up. This doll is about the size of a Pukifee/Lati Yellow, so she’s really small and I imagine it’ll be difficult to pinpoint the clothes I want for her. That’s alright though. I’ve learned to be patient when it comes to these things. Something will come along eventually. She already has a name, and that is Lucy Ferre (I’m sure you’re surprised).


And here is the (hopefully) last doll I buy this year. She’s a Serenade Doll Suu, and is absolutely gorgeous. I did like Serenade Doll before I found her. The spindly, wispy shape of the bodies is enchanting, but Suu is very important to me. I have a character who has been with me since I was 12-13. Her name is Riyo, and I originally tried to make her into a doll back in 2008. To make a long story short, I jumped the gun and bought the first doll that was readily available to me, and it just didn’t work out. I still have that doll, my SOOM Gena, but she has been changed to a character she pretty much made herself. I know that sounds weird but for a doll she has a very commanding presence.

Back to Suu, though. I was really afraid her proportions would be too odd to find clothes for her, much like my DS18M Dollshe Saint. I love him, but the sleeves are always too short, and the clothes as a whole are always too baggy. Moreover, Dollshe never restocks their clothes (that I’ve seen), so it’s really disappointing when you’re trying to give them a specific image. Luckily, from what I’ve been told, SD13 clothes will fit Serenade Dolls! That’s a major relief for me, and why I decided to take advantage of their sale. Until January 20th, the company is having a sale. 15% off all dolls and a free rabbit head when you purchase $200 worth of accessories. The 200 in accessories is a little difficult to do, but the rabbit head is totally worth it if you can.

All in all, 2016 is starting out to be an interesting year. I’m waiting on some colors to come in for faceups, so once that happens you should see some airbrushing results from me (better than the first time, I promise)!

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