Doll Model: Dollshe DS18M Saint

Full Name: Atticus Rall

Nickname(s): N/A

Age: 29 (With 12 prior reincarnations)

Birthday: July 12

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Silver

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Species: Raven – This was, at least, what Atticus originally started out as many centuries ago. He took on a great burden in an effort to save a friend, and has suffered because of that decision ever since. You could consider him a Raum now, preferring to remain in a humanoid form most of the time, as it’s easier to get things done when you’re not viewed as a scavenger. He has a special ability to see future events, but it’s like a bad case of Deja Vu as he can neither control it nor know when whatever he sees will take place.

Personality: Atticus is a deadpan, monotone fellow who rarely shows any emotion other than ‘stoic’, if you can consider that emotion. His philosophy is “actions change the world, not words.” He has stuck to those ideals regardless of incarnation or time. He takes great strides to help the injured and suffering, and even greater to save a friend. His heart is a very warm one in spite of his attitude.

Likes: Studying different medicine and medical techniques, helping someone in need, the violin

Dislikes: Novels/poetry, disregard for life, preachy people

Favorite Food: Breaded eggplant