Doll Model: IoS Chaos WS

Full Name: Loucious Cedrick Ferre (Lou C. Ferre)

Nickname(s): Lou, Mr. Monochrome

Age: 319

Birthday: September 16th

Hair Color: Black with two white tufts on his head

Eye Color: Spiral

Astrological Sign: (Ironically) Virgo

Species: Vampire – Not the sparkly kind. He can die in the sunlight. He also needs blood as sustenance. Garlic probably makes him sneeze idk.

Personality: Lou is a special snowflake of a vampire in the best of ways. No, he is not an 80 year old virgin. No, he will not take you for a ride through the forest on his back. What he will do, however, is sexually harass you using all the best (worst) slurs and insults possible. His charm doesn’t stop there. Lou has a policy: don’t lie. Be brutally honest. And when I say brutal, I mean brutal. It’s a wonder how he survived 300 years as a vampire, isn’t it? Here he is though. Still crawling out of the woodwork like a little cockroach that refuses to die. You can swat it, but it will only serve to infuriate you when he crawls back through the cracks. Being the simple fella he is, not much gets under Lou’s skin. You can poke, kick, and prod, but at the end of the day, he’ll still have that stupid grin on his face.

Likes: The ladies, a good pair of shoes, black and white stripes

Dislikes: ???

Favorite Food: Blood… And then sugar cookies.