A Bittersweet Reunion, Part II

(For Part I, click here.) It was hard to say how much time had elapsed between her capture and the moment the guards came back. There were no windows to denote sunrise and sunset; not even a sliver of light through the cracks. Before she even opened her eyes, the chains had been unhooked from [...]

A Bittersweet Reunion: Part I

(Hey guys! I'll be posting a bio for Diana sometime soon hopefully, but until then here's an intro for both her and Micah's characters. I hope you enjoy, I'll post Part II as soon as it's finished)How long had it been since she had last seen him? The wise stallion with her heartstrings tied tightly [...]

Making a Unicorn Part III: Character and Completion

When I first knew for sure I was going to be the owner of my own Heliot, my brain started to concoct who he would be. The what was easy, of course. One big horn protruding from his forehead. Gotta be a unicorn (I'm sure more creative people have come up with better ideas but [...]

Recasts: What They are and Why You Shouldn’t.

While it may seem like I've been a wee bit inactive on my blog, I promise I'm still writing and trying to make sure everything is perfect before I release anything of consequence (AKA character stories). It's something I've been doing in the background of everyday life inbetween actually doing hobby-related things (more to come [...]