Doll Model: Dollzone Miss Kitty

Full Name: Penelope Von Kittenbottom

Nickname(s): Penny

Age: ?? (Mentally about 12)

Birthday: July 18

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Pink

Astrological Sign: Cancer

Species: Enchanted Cat – Once upon a time, there was a cream colored cat who lived in a large mansion. This cat was the favored pet of a small girl, the only child of a very rich and powerful count. The child took great joy in the cat’s company, as her parents were often off traveling or too busy to pay attention to her. They would play dress up, sneak out while the maids weren’t paying attention, and go on epic adventures together.

Unfortunately, being a child of a powerful man affords you many enemies that you aren’t even aware of. One day, while having one of their fabled epic adventures, they ran into some awful people. The child was kidnapped, and the cat injured.

Retreating back to the mansion for help, the cat frantically tried to alert everyone to her master’s plight. When the truth was revealed, in a fit of rage, the count beat the cat within an inch of her life, blaming her for the child’s disappearance.

Wounded, dying, and heartbroken, the cat limped out with it’s last bit of strength into the forest to die looking for her master. As she collapsed, bright pink orbs began floating around her. Some faeries had seen the cat’s plight and sought to help in the only way they knew how.

The next time the cat woke up, she had become something else entirely.

Personality: Penelope is a sweetheart with a mean streak. While incredibly kind-hearted and caring, she is not afraid to seek revenge after being crossed. Luckily, revenge often amounts to silly pranks like shaving one’s head, super-gluing shoes to the floor, and pouring a container of pepper into your coffee. Unlike most cats, she is very codependent and will cling to the first person who shows her compassion. Her affections are not always a bad thing, however. While childish, Penelope understands more than she lets on and will make great strides to see her companions smile.

Likes: Fashion, fishies, and ear scritches

Dislikes: Cruelty, large dogs, and masks

Favorite Food: Raw tuna