The Fray



Doll Model: Soom Chrom Soul Tracker (Cream White Romantic)

Full Name: The Fray

Nickname(s): Would want friends to call him Balthazar… If he had friends.

Age: Old

Birthday: December 9th

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius

Species: Fraywalker – An entity that walks across the boarder of reality and the subconscious like a trapeze artist. Their appearance is based on the eyes of the beholder, and very few besides the fraywalker himself can see their true form. The secret behind the manipulation rests within their horns, which emit a strange otherworldly frequency. In certain cases, fraywalkers can be attributed to bouts of insanity, rather than a legitimate mental condition. However, the fraywalker has no idea what their would-be beholder sees in them, or the severity of the ‘hallucination’.

Personality: Fray is generally aloof and calm, as very few things excite him anymore… Which is probably for the best, considering the eccentricity that arises when he does become interested. He shifts from aloof to obsessive when something catches his eye, and he will continue to to obsess and stalk until whatever caught his eye is understood.

Likes: Puzzles, and for some reason anime girls

Dislikes: Simplicity

Favorite Food: Onions