Doll Model: SOOM Heliot God Master

Full Name: Not to be pronounced by human tongue.

Nickname(s): Your Highness, The Prince, and some unsavory ones he doesn’t appreciate.

Age: Very Old

Birthday: September 13th

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Gold

Astrological Sign:  Virgo

Species: Unicorn (corrupted)- Or at least, he used to be. Micah likes to still consider himself one, but his true form and most of his abilities were taken away when he lost his innocence.

Personality: Micah is incredibly vain and intolerant of anyone he considers below him. There are very few humans he tolerates, though this attitude is a recent (within the last few centuries) development. As a young foal, he was captured and sold to a royal family for a hefty coin. They kept him tucked away in the lower levels like buried treasure. Things were bad. He was treated like a pet, his magic was sealed by the court wizard, and the more he fought, the smaller the walls around him became. Eventually something resembling complacency took over, but it didn’t last.

Instead of just being curious, the children of the royalty became cruel. Their daily rituals after lessons involved torturing the trapped creature, until he could take no more. The two kids had all but lost caution when approaching the worn down beast. One had managed to smuggle a knife out of the dining hall. They wanted to see what color unicorn blood was.

Something inside him snapped. The white beast reared up, his hooves striking them like lightning. An explosion of energy allowed him to escape the chains; the door leaving the chamber had been left open. Everyone in his path was either trampled or impaled on that long, scarlet horn. In one fell swoop the royal family was dethroned in the most brutal of ways. The court wizard stood to oppose the beast, and with everything he had, used a powerful spell to trap him within the walls of the castle.

Which is where Micah has remained to this day, his true form lost and a beautiful corruption spreading across his skin. The slaughter of the royal family was blamed on a revolt, and he has since been standing behind the current rulers, using them like little marionettes. His strings extend through the entire kingdom as he searches and impatiently waits for someone who can free him from both the prison of the castle, and the prison his body has become. As time passes, the corruption spreads. The mandala on his head was an effort to slow the spread, though it did not cure him. The moment he finds that someone who can aid him, he’ll ensure they help through any means necessary.

Likes: Power

Dislikes: Humans

Favorite Food: Anything rare and expensive, including endangered species.