Losing money to resin since 2008.

Current Dolls (In no particular order):

  • Scarlett – SOOM Gena (CW)
  • Merriwether – SOOM Amber Pure Spirit (Lavender)
  • The Fray – SOOM Chrom Soul Tracker (CW)
  • Micah – SOOM Heliot God Master (CW)
  • Faust – Pipos Basic Cheshire (Gray)
  • Mephistopheles – Pipos Limited Dark Cheshire (Mint)
  • Loucious – IoS Chaos (WS)
  • Atticus – Dollshe Saint (Pale)
  • Bub – Dollzone Heavy Rain (WS)
  • Penny – Dollzone Miss Kitty (WS)
  • Zampanó – Doll Chateau Snowborn (WS)
  • Piyoko – Bobobie Pixie (NS)
  • Riyo – Serenade Doll Suu (WS)
  • Diana – Fairyland Minifee Sircca (NS)
  • Dirge – Fifth Motif Venitu (FS)

Wanna check out some of my photography? Here’s my Deviantart.

I also have an Instagram and Twitter for your viewing pleasure.

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