I think I mentioned before during the rerelease of Heliot (but with vampire teeth) that I absolutely adored the original unicorn sculpt. Unfortunately being a limited doll, there were slim chances that he’d ever be in my possession without paying a hefty price tag.

Well, I’m elated to say that I’ll soon be the owner of one.

I saw him posted on a Facebook group at an inexpensive price (for a limited doll, and I of course use inexpensive lightly because they’re pricey dolls). Can’t lie, I was pretty suspicious at first. The CoA was present in the pictures, but the doll was also made before their database was even a thing.

Out of curiosity I looked on DoA too and found the same sales post. It does a lot to ease someone’s mind when you find out the seller has been in the hobby for longer than you have with 3 pages of nothing but positive feedback. She still had the original shipping box and everything!

I can’t say I really had the money to spend on him, but it was too good of a deal to pass up. He’s on his way right now. I’ve never had a doll shop and arrive so quickly! I haven’t even had a chance to think of a name yet. Is it bad when your mind is more focused on how you’re gonna customize a doll rather than who they even are?! I can’t deny I feel a little bad about that.

Pictures hopefully to follow this weekend. I didn’t expect him to get to TN from CA in just two days, and I’ll be going out of town this weekend. Maybe by Sunday I’ll have a better idea of who he’ll be. So excited though! Eeeee!

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