New Category: BJD Character Stories

With everything going on in my personal life, I’ve really been delving deeper into aspects of the hobby as both a relief from my stress/anxiety and a treat to myself. You wouldn’t believe (or maybe you would) how much it helps to have something that you can immerse yourself in. It’s an escape of sorts, but I’d say it’s a rather productive one.

Productive is a strange word to use for hobbies, but not untrue. If you think of being productive as your effort’s worth to the world, you probably won’t be very productive at all. I base my productivity off my own satisfaction and the ability to complete daily tasks while still taking time to enjoy and indulge in the things I love (at least, this is what I tell myself).

So, time to start doing something I’ve been meaning to do. All of my dolls have characters, and all of those characters have at least a tidbit of backstory with them (some much more than others). I’d like to start writing about them. I can’t say how often chapters will be posted or who they will be about, but I’ve already started and have a couple drafts in the works. Hopefully in the next couple of days you’ll see the first!

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