Labor of Love = Complete (Lou, 1 shot)

This is the first time I’ve actually put so much thought and effort into one doll. Lou, full name Loucious Cedrick Ferre, is one of my favorite characters. Yes, Beetlejuice was an inspiration. I won’t even deny that. That’s not all he is, however. He’s got one of the most fleshed out backstories of any doll I own, and, incidentally, the most customized. His wig is custom, his suit is more expensive than any article of clothing I own, and his faceup was very specific. Many days when doing faceups, I kinda go with the flow and it turns out how it turns out, but Lou’s is intentional.


I can’t begin to describe how satisfying it is to see him put together. It’s actually like the character is alive now. There are a few things on him I’d like to tweak eventually, but for the most part I couldn’t be more proud. He is as handsome and smug as I envisioned back when I first saw the IoS Chaos sculpt. Expect to see more pictures of this happy bastard in the future.

A small tidbit of backstory:

Lou is a vampire who loves speaking his mind and a good pair of shoes. He likes taking the romanticized idea of vampires, crumbling it up, and throwing it in the face of whoever he’s currently harassing. Lou does not believe in lying. He’ll stretch the truth sometimes, but basically whatever he has in his head marches out of his mouth single file without being dressed up or embellished. He knows he’s sexy, he’s just waiting for everyone else to make the same realization. Best thing since sliced bread? This guy right here.

I intend to write up little profiles for all my dolls at some point, but it’s difficult sitting down and actually putting words to the thoughts I have about them. Hopefully soon. Hopefully.

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