I’ve done it now.

Whelp. I did it. I put Snowborn on layaway through Mint on Card. I’ve been thinking about it all month and it’s finally happened. My husband is really good to me. We spent most of our money on a trip to Canada for Anime North (and incidentally Doll North) and we were going to split the rest 50/50. I’d used the remainder of mine, along with my birthday money, to finally upgrade my camera body from a Sony SLT-A35 to a SLT-A77 (which, not gonna lie, is a biiiig difference. I’m going from 16 megapixels to like 24) It’s used, but from everything I read has better features than the new A68, and thanks to B&H I know it’s in near perfect condition.

Anyways, I’d been pondering ways to get money for Snowborn (selling stuff, giving plasma, etc.) and when I mentioned I was probably heading down to give plasma this weekend, he insisted I just take the rest of the return for a doll. I feel a little guilty, getting all of this fun stuff while he gets nothing for tax return (besides a trip to Canada and my love), but he won’t let me refuse it.

Still, just to make sure finances aren’t too tight, I put Snowborn on layaway instead of buying outright. I’ve never much cared for the idea of layaway because for a long time I was an impatient creature that had to have my satisfaction right then and there. Usually my first impulse is to use a credit card or credit system but we just got all that straightened out and I’m actually really okay with waiting. It gives me a chance to plan and tend to the rest of my hoard.

The whole reason I finally decided to take the plunge was a book, believe it or not. I’d liked Snowborn’s aesthetic, but I didn’t really have any ideas for him. Then I started reading a (sort of) fictional horror novel and it clicked like horse hooves. Speaking of horse hooves, I also switched the horse body out for Doll Chateau’s standard human body. Super glad that was an option, because it solidified the decision to get him as well.

I wish I could say my desire to do BJD things and looking forward to a new doll didn’t correlate, but it seems to. I need to find different ways to get inspiration because I’m running out of space in my doll display haha. I’m hoping that once I start dabbling in different areas (like making eyes and… Dare I say perhaps… Wig making?) it’ll be easier to keep up with the hobby. I didn’t care enough for sewing to stick to it, and I don’t want to constantly redo my dolls faceups. So, we’ll see.

One thought on “I’ve done it now.

  1. He has such a beautiful face. Congratz for getting him soon, and also for you loving husband! It is always nice, to have someone to support your hobbies, even if this person does not participate in it. I am looking forward to your new boy! 🙂

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