Doll Chateau Snowborn: Thoughts

So I put in my first order of MSC this year. ALSO some ZM finishing powder which I have been dying to try. That should be coming in on Friday, and I’m actually pretty stoked about it, but that’ll be a different post.

Regardless of whether I’m active in the hobby or not, dolls are constantly gracing my Facebook feed, which is a good thing. I never really get tired of seeing them, and I always see new inspirations for faceups and future endeavors. Thanks to Mint on Card’s Facebook feed, one has stood out above the rest.


Oh baby.

I saw that face and was instantly intrigued. I love how he’s got such a subtle smile.

Then I saw his nose.



I will be the first to admit I have a thing for noses. Love big honkers on guys like this, and I love the shape. Lips are my nemesis. I hate big lips which is why I don’t have more SOOM monthly dolls (and I sometimes thank God for that), but this guy has just enough lip for me.


So needless to say I was pretty enchanted by this guy. I’ve always wanted a doll chateau doll because I love the exaggerated proportions of their ‘normal’ (I use that word loosely) sculpts, and I was actually determined to find out more about him.


… Theeeen I saw that.

Okay. So. Let me qualify my following statement by saying I have nothing against centaur dolls. But, I feel like this really takes away from the doll itself. Yeah, I know, it’s kinda Doll Chateau’s ‘thing’ to make their dolls, for lack of a better term, cray cray. Most times, I appreciate the cray cray. But… Really. If you look at him and take away the kinda horse body, he has a subtle oddness and it’s very enchanting. With the legs he looks… Like just another Doll Chateau doll.

One of my favorite sayings is “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” When they added those silly legs to him I feel like they crossed the line into the ‘trying too hard’ zone. Now, if you like Snowborn as is more power to you. I’ve never been a centaur doll girl myself so maybe it’s just my bias showing, but I did appreciate Alberta for what she was (even though I would totally change her body to two legs if I ever buy her).

LUCKILY, for people like me, Mint on Card has this on his selling page:

– Switch to Human Body: Body A-body-08, (human body), is available for this doll. The price will be lowered if you want the human version, prices are as follows; Blank $679.00, with Face-up $739.00, FullSet $839.00, (the outfit will be adjusted to fit the human body). Tan, Grey, or Green skin is an additional $90.00. If you would like your doll to be on the Human body please note it in the Comments Box at check-out. We will adjust, (lower), the price of your doll and we will email you your new order total.

So, this is super nice, and you know what? I’m actually thinking about it. Right now DC is having a spring event where you can get their little snail doll Larry for free with the purchase of Snowborn, though if I’m being honest I’d rather have the coupon that’s worth $100-$200 depending on how much you spend.

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