New Year, New Me, Bla Bla Bla.

So it’s hard coming back to this realizing there’s been more than a 6 month gap in my last posting. Certainly not the first time it’s happened, but still a bit jarring. I hadn’t realized I’d been on such a long hiatus.

There’s not much to explain, as far as that goes. Money got tight, which means my hobby is placed on the sidelines while I deal with that, all the while finding myself deeper and deeper in a familiar hole called depression. And, while it could be argued that you don’t need money in the hobby to have fun, I need money in the hobby to have fun. I’ll explain this:

Everything in this hobby has a price tag. Not so much enjoying the dolls, after they’re there, but if you want to do anything besides look at them, you’re going to pay. MSC is at least $26 a can, which gets pricey depending on how many faceups you do. Clothes are expensive, and yes I’m aware I can try to sew, but that is not fun for me. I can safely say after one successful attempt and 4 failures I did not have fun sewing. That may have changed. It’s been about 3 years since I tried, but then I’d have to invest in the proper materials for sewing, and if I have the money for that, I would rather spend it on other hobby-related things.

I want to buy my dolls new wigs and eyes, but with their odd proportions and my equally odd tastes I have to get them custom made, and if I’m going to pay for customs I’m going to pay for good customs, which is expensive, as are the eyes. My camera is old, and it’s become more of a hassle than it’s worth to photograph them. Cameras are as much as dolls. Even just the camera bodies.

Understand I know all this sounds like one big excuse, and I’m not really trying to justify myself because well… It’s a hobby. I’m not obligated to do these things, or write this blog, but I have been suffering some heartache and frustration because of my lack of participation in it. This is an outlet, and one I miss dearly when I have to set it aside for adult things, but I do have to take steps back from it sometimes.

So, hopefully this means I’ll make my gradual comeback. I’d meant to post the box opening of my Serenade Doll Suu but I ended up doing a video and I’m not certain I enjoy it. You know, that whole ‘I have trouble looking at myself’ kind of thing. Granted, I’ve come far in that department since that video (which is impressive, considering it’s only been months), but I still have trouble with it.

Anyways, as this blog is about dolls and not my personal life, that should be the last little tangent I go on for awhile. Things are becoming stable for us again financially so I think it’s at least safe to invest in some MSC. I need to fix my airbrush (one of the tiny parts broke on it, but it’s easily replaced, just another thing that costs money), and then I’ll be right back at it.

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