A good/bad year for dolls.

So, to take advantage of Dollzone’s event, I finally sank money into Miss Kitty and a Heavy Rain fullset so I could get my hands on a blank. I’m really excited to knock another doll off my wishlist with some bonuses… But I just found out about… THIS.

Yes. I saw this after I told myself ‘I better start saving for my wedding/future/apartment/important grown uppery stuffery’. Have I dedicated to buying him 100%? No, not until I see the rest of the pictures… But I really, really love the Amber sculpt, and if the guy version is anywhere near as awesome as she is… I just don’t know what I’m gonna do. The nice thing about this situation is my fiance is very supportive of my hobby/obsession and knows I budget my money well, so he doesn’t tell me it’s stupid or buying another doll is a bad idea (though sometimes I wish he would).

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