Working on the things I meant to do a year ago.

So, funny story. After I graduated college I’d been planning to take off with this blog. I used to be really active on DeviantArt but instead of feeling satisfied by posting pictures, it just made me feel discouraged all the time. While it’s possible that I might get back on, most of my things will be posted here.

I have been using the handle “Cat Grenade” for a long time, and will often use that to watermark my images, but I think I’m going to come up with one that incorporates the name of the site and URL. Something pretty, but simple of course. I have pictures to post of Meriwether, but I’d really like to update my watermark before I start posting them. Everyone knows it’s a dangerous trade posting their images on the internet. Without a watermark or copyright, you’re basically screwed. Hopefully this’ll also help me set up the new banner I’d been planning, and get the ball rolling on the other projects hidden in the crevices of my mind.

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