Penny’s New Face

I feel like I've just been cycling through my dolls recently just to have something to paint. Not really a bad thing. Practice and all that mumbo jumbo. It's starting to feel like the fruits of my labor are really paying off, though! What do you think? Being able to see improvement really makes things [...]

I’ve done it now.

Whelp. I did it. I put Snowborn on layaway through Mint on Card. I've been thinking about it all month and it's finally happened. My husband is really good to me. We spent most of our money on a trip to Canada for Anime North (and incidentally Doll North) and we were going to split [...]

Dolly Endeavors (Part 1)

  With winter's end there's always a new spring of inspiration in me to do more 'productive' things in my hobby. I say productive like that because of course it's a hobby and I should be more concerned with enjoying myself than anything, but the most enjoyment I get is usually seeing improvement in my [...]