Penny’s New Face

I feel like I’ve just been cycling through my dolls recently just to have something to paint. Not really a bad thing. Practice and all that mumbo jumbo. It’s starting to feel like the fruits of my labor are really paying off, though! What do you think?

Being able to see improvement really makes things easier to deal with. I feel more confident than before and less afraid of judgements. The airbrush is easier to use now, as are watercolor pencils. It’s almost like I’m close to knowing what I’m doing!

3 thoughts on “Penny’s New Face

  1. Ohhh the face up looks stunning! I love the colors! Do you use a air brush?
    And the lower lashes are perfect. I wish my hand would be so steady… xD

    1. ;A; thank you so much!! I do use an airbrush, normally with gouache instead of acrylics. It’s so much more forgiving. I can run water over the layer and it’s gone. I’ve been practicing hard on the lashes. I don’t know how people do them with a brush because I can only do them with a colored pencil so far. I scrunch up in my office hair like Gollum and pray I don’t get the shakes LOL.

      1. I literally imagined Gullum doing a face up now xD – but yes, they look amazing – well done. I have to practise them myself…

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