Doll Plans – Doll Chateau Snowborn


As I’ve mentioned in my last few posts, I’m hoping Snowborn will be here in the next month or so, but this leaves me ill-prepared as I haven’t bought a single thing for him yet. Basically all I have going right now is a semi-fleshed out character idea and some picks for clothes.

I’d mentioned in an earlier post that the whole reason I finally decided to buy Snowborn was from a book I read. I finished House of Leaves in March and there is rarely a day when my mind doesn’t revisit something from it, so it only seemed right to find a way to translate the inspiration. I won’t go into the details of the story, besides saying it’s a fantastic read for anyone who has eccentric tastes in literature, especially those who enjoy horror and psychological ideas.

Anyways, one of the book’s main characters who is actually dead for 98% of the novel (this spoils nothing, it happens in the first couple of pages), is called Zampano. He’s a blind writer. That contradiction alone makes me giddy, so that’s what I’m basing this doll off of. It’s definitely more of an ‘inspired by’ than ‘ripped from the pages of’ kinda idea. Obviously it can’t/wouldn’t be the character verbatim because said character was an old man but there were a few traits I’d like to be similar.

So, that being said, I’d like him to have blind (looking) eyes. I was actually surprised that it was so challenging to find a good pair to fit the task. These are so far the best pair I’ve come up with.


They’re just cheap acrylic and not all too fancy, but I think they’ll do. I’m not fond of glass eyes because often they’re cheap and the high dome of the iris doesn’t allow for much. It looks like the standard pair the Snowborn set comes with are 16mm so I’ll be buying 14mm. I always size down when it comes to eyes to give the characters a more expressive stare.

Next are outfits, which I’ve had a hard time deciding on if I’m being honest. I’m not so worried about shoes (since DC feet are works of art themselves), but I do want more of a variety for him in outfits.


I’d like him to have a cloak like this, maybe not for every day wear but as something special. I feel like his character would be odd enough to keep something like this for secret rituals, though on normal days his clothing choices would be closer to this. Very casual, but still somewhat artsy looking. I’ve looked at the measurements on Doll Chateau’s website and it looks like his body will fit most standard 70cm doll clothes.

Height (including head) 72cm
Head size: 19cm
Neck size: 10cm
Shoulder width: 16cm
Arm length:23cm
Chest size:31.4cm
Waist size: 22cm
Hip size:27cm
Leg length: 37cm
Thigh size: 12.3cm
Foot length:9cm
Foot width:2.5cm

So at least I’ve got that going for me. Like I said I haven’t really looked at shoes yet. buying doll shoes is like pulling teeth because all of my dolls have different sized feet.

The wig has to be curly. It just has to be. Long and curly. I loved that aesthetic in the company pictures. If I could have that exact wig I would’ve used it but since it only comes with the fullset, I’ll have to hunt down something else. I’m torn between a gray/white or light brown. Looks like it’ll be a 7-8″ wig though from the 19cm head measurement they have for Snowborn.

The last thing I have planned, sort of a coup de grace for his outfit is a ribbon, or maybe multiple ribbons, to wrap around his head like a blindfold with two eyes painted on it. I tried to find a good example on google images, because I feel like I’ve seen something similar before, but no luck. Hopefully it looks as good as think it would look in my mind. We’ll have to see.

So far that’s what I’ve got, though. I’m hoping to buy some of this stuff soonish so he’ll at least have a few things to wear when he comes in. If not

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