A Post-Doll North… Post.

… (more than) a month later.

YEAH, SO. It’s hard to believe a month has passed since I flew to Canada. I really should’ve done this sooner but metaphorical poop hit the fan and sort of left me drained, to say the least. Biggest thing: I had a blast! It was so cool to be among other doll people for a whole weekend. I’m beyond words on that. I met many interesting people and made some cool new friends, and got more into Instagram because of it. Everything made me so stoked for future doll endeavors.

As far as swag goes, I also managed to bag some things I really wanted. Like… A new outfit for Merriwether:



And… A decent shirt/ new eyes for Riyo:



I also won some eyes in a bingo game, but none of my crew can wear them. They’re anime style eyes more for Smart Dolls/Dollfie Dreams, but they are beautiful and it does make me want to buy one. Just uh.. Not right now, haha. I’ve got a big enough crew with one more on the way.


Speaking of one more on the way, I ordered my Snowborn late March, and last month those who placed February orders are getting theirs, so here’s hoping July brings me a new doll! If I feel up to it I plan on making a character design post for him to hopefully flesh out a few things, but my head is full of ideas for him right now and augh I’m so excited I could just burst. Gonna try to earn myself some doll money so all these things will hopefully come to fruition fast(er than usual).

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