Doll North & Life Changes

So I’m going to Doll North in Ontario. SUPER EXCITED. I’ve never been to an actual doll convention before. Regardless of the fact that it’s attached to Anime North, it’s definitely it’s own thing with as much as they have going on. This’ll be our big trip for the year and, well, possibly the next few years. More or less I’m really hoping to invest in clothes for my poor babies who have little to none, and maybe swap some of the stuff I no longer want. There’s also a raffle with tons of good prizes and aaaaaaaaaaah it’ll be so good to take a break from all of this.


When I say all of this, I mean what I’ve been struggling with. A lot of negativity has built up in me and I’m trying to make some life changes to put me back on the right track and away from the existential crises that I’ve been stuck in the middle of. More or less, all I’ve focused on are the negative things, and my attitude has become so defeatist I’ve had to fight myself to get out of bed on the weekends. I think a great deal of it has to do with what’s going on in the world at large (especially my country), and constantly being reminded of how bleak everything looks when that’s always front and center.


So, I’m making an effort to stay off Facebook (one of the main offenders) and trying to focus on the things that make me happy, like dolls (of course). I’m sure some of my friends would consider the behavior a means of escapism but you know what? These bad things are going to happen no matter what. The news will always be discouraging, and there will always be people trying to take advantage of the less fortunate. I can’t spend my life dwelling on it. It’s not healthy and that’s exactly what I want to be.


This is a little off topic I realize so hopefully more doll posts will be on the way. This month is my last layaway payment for Snowborn, so the rest will just be waiting, which I’m totally okay with! Gives me time to hopefully gather resources to make him things.

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