First Commission (…Sort of).

Not sure if it’s really a commission when you’re doing it for a gift, but my friend Sandy Pants is my RL gal pal and the one I “doll out” with. She’s the only person near me with a doll of her own, and a few weeks ago she surprised me by asking if I could redo her doll’s faceup.

Cindy Wright 2015

It was sort of a dream come true, because I felt like there was some untapped potential in that face. The eyebrows are so thin, and the lip shading is a little limited. So, since Sandra’s birthday was coming up, I added an extra pair of eyelashes to my ‘stock’ order and got to work… Kinda. I say that because I took my sweet, sweet time finally getting my butt in gear to work on her.

As a side note, I’d wanted to update my blog more recently than this but I’ve had a case of the blues. No reason in-particular. It’s just getting used to new routines and being nervous about future endeavors. I’m hoping now that daylight savings has started, the extra sunlight in my day will start to perk me up.

Here is the result:

Cindy Wright 2015

And a side-by-side comparison:

Cindy Wright 2015

I’m not a confident person. Most of my endeavors I feel fall short of my own expectations and I end up disappointed, no matter how much praise I receive. I feel like the opinions of my friends and family are biased, so even if they tell me something’s really good, I have in my mind they’re either just saying that or don’t have enough experience in the subject to know what they’re talking about. It’s not a good way of looking at things, and it belittles the opinions of those closest to me, but it’s a hard hurdle to jump. I say that because for the first time I can remember, I feel a little proud of what I did. I can visibly see how much I’ve improved, and it gives me these strange, warm fuzzies. I can still see the flaws and mistakes, but it’s satisfying to look at regardless, and it makes me want to keep improving.

That being said, if anyone has comments or critique, I’d love to hear! There is a lack of blush on her cheeks because her character is supposed to be a vampire, so I tried to use cooler colors sans the purple eyeshadow, but I feel like there’s still something that could’ve gone there.

One last picture of the lovely red-headed vampire!

Cindy Wright 2015


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