Atticus – Complete (sort of)

Well, he’s finally done. Well, besides the lashes and new eyes that haven’t arrived yet, he’s done. I’m hoping the eyelashes really bring him together, because there are a few little odds and ends that sort of irk me, but not enough to dive in and redo his faceup just yet.

Cindy Wright 2015

A comparison picture:Cindy Wright 2015

I do think it’s a much better faceup after all, and i think I would’ve been much happier if I hadn’t messed up one side of the eyelashes. I hadn’t properly sealed it and ended up accidentally wiping some of them away, which was a trick to fix since some were sealed and some weren’t, but as a whole, he looks much better.

Cindy Wright 2015

Cindy Wright 2015

I also found a little bird skull trinket at hobby lobby. I used my airbrush to paint it white and tied it into his hair.

LCindy Wright 2015

Last thing I did was reblush his hands… Which, while tedious, felt very rewarding after he was done. This was the first time I tried doing cuticles and even though it’s a little rough, I think they look really good.

Cindy Wright 2015Cindy Wright 2015

Hope you guys like him! You should be seeing him around more in the future.

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