Dollzone Box Opening! (Heavy Rain x2 & Miss Kitty)

So back during the heavy rain event, I resolved myself to utilizing the opportunity for free things and knocking a doll off my wishlist, then having that be the last purchase of the year. It wasn’t… BUT THAT’S NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. It’s been about 5 months since I hit the ‘confirm order’ button on the MoC website, but my new dollies are finally here! I will add that Mint on Card is comprised of some great people, because all of my questions and concerns were countered with prompt, satisfying answers. There was an issue of some missing shoes, but they addressed it before I was even aware and the issue has been taken care of! So without further ado, the box opening!

PACKING PEANUTS. I HATE packing peanuts… But such is life. We can’t always have bubblewrap can we?

This box is just too precious. ;u;

This is actually the first doll I’ve purchased with clothes. I didn’t buy the fullset. Instead I bought some other cute clothes in the same size which… Presented it’s own problems but I’ll get to that.

*A* WIDDLE SHOES! I actually expected them to be smaller, like my Pipos Cheshire’s shoes.

I was a little confused by these at first, because each one contains an instruction manual. It took me a little while to actually look back in the envelope and find the CoA’s, haha.

And here we see the prettiest doll pillow I officially own. LOOK AT THAT! It looks so comfortable and homey.

AND HERE SHE IS! Much like her shoes, I actually thought she’d be smaller than this. I’m glad she’s not though! I think she’s just the right size.

And two of these little bags. What could be in these?!

;A; Awwwww!


While these guys are unbelievably precious, the quality in them differs a little. There was a lot of rough edges around the eyes of the blank guy, so I had to give him a little sanding. Also, I really don’t like the eye putty they use because if there’s even a small gap, you see bright green.

Miss Kitty with her clothes! The problem I mentioned before is the fact that her paws are bigger than the sleeves, so I had to take them off to dress her. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a minor setback, but it does make things a little harder.

Another issue: The wig is… Definitely sub-par. I’m not sure if it’s intentionally messy but it’s not very full and the length is uneven. It’s a setback, among others. The last big issue I have are the magnets. I’m used to SOOM magnets that will break you if they slip. These are… Wimpy. You blow on those ears wrong and it’ll knock them off. The tail is much of the same, unfortunately.

But she’s so precious it’s hard to care! This girl will definitely need some glue sueding, but as far as standing goes, even accounting for her top-heavy head, she does pretty well! Now I just need a name for her… I actually really like Miss Kitty so that will at least be her nickname.

And this is Beelzebub. Call him Bub for short. He’ll be Balthazar’s familiar. Balth and Bub, hehe. As for the blank heavy rain, I painted him up and gifted him to my friend. It’s a 5 month late birthday gift.

Uh oh. What could she be plotting with Mephistopheles?


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