Immortality of Soul FINALLY brought 70cm bodies back! (Plus other news)

It’s been a long time coming. OVER A YEAR after they started talking about sculpting a new 70cm body, it’s finally here!

Dat bod!

And it appears to have been worth the wait. Oh la la!

Flashing back to late May/early June 2014, IoS made an announcement that they were discontinuing all their sculpts and once the heads were gone, they were gone (like a lot of companies seem to be doing now). I’d really wanted their Chaos sculpt since I first laid eyes on it so I scrambled the money together and shoved it at them. When I bought it I figured there would of course be a wait for the body, but I figured worst case scenario they’d pop up with something in the middle of January 2015. Imagine my surprise (and disappointment) when every time they popped up on my Facebook feed, it was to announce a new 80 cm sculpt. Then they started talking about Tauros!

Who is absolutely awesome, and on a normal day I would’ve bought him just to have the head, then used the body for Chaos. Unfortunately I am preparing to move out and get hitched, so every penny counts. I was worried that, like a lot of doll companies, you’d have to buy a head just to get the body… But IoS quelled those worries!

They’ve started a “constant ordering system” Which basically means all their dolls will be on sale all the time unless they have to stop for a week or two due to the capacity of orders. When I heard that, I figured “oh so the new sculpts will be available all the time.” Well… They’re selling the heads they discontinued as well. Which, I’m really not upset about. It’s a little aggravating to know if I would’ve waited I could’ve bought the doll in full and saved the damn money from shipping, but it’s a moot point now. I’m happy for the people who missed their chance and thought the molds would be gone forever!

So hopefully in about two months, you’ll see what I’ve been planning for that head I got over a year ago. 😉

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