From the Ashes (Scarlet – SOOM Gena)

So in previous blog posts, I’ve mentioned my poor neglected SOOM Gena. This was the first doll I ever saved up for. I was only 16 with a minimum wage part time job, and I scrimped every penny I could spare. You wouldn’t believe my excitement when this doll finally came home the day after Christmas. I was super stoked, but my excitement kinda dwindled when I slowly began to realize she really didn’t fit the character I had envisioned for her. So little by little I lost interest, which was exasperated by the fact that I had purchased a company faceup with her. I was so afraid to take that off I didn’t know what to do with her, so for a long time she remained nameless.

Until now! I finally grew a pair and removed the old faceup, and I think she looks better than ever! At least, she looks a lot happier for sure. I decided to rename her Scarlet Rose (Not the most original I’m sorry okay). I’m not entirely sure of her backstory yet but something tells me it doesn’t involve sunshine and rainbows (or maybe it does… Vat a tweest!). Regardless of what I decide, here’s some pics of her in all her glory with new clothes from Dollmore~

Check out pics of how she used to look here.

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