SOOM Amber Box Opening!

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I just recently started having the income to buy dolls again, and you could say I kinda splurged but it was more along the lines of ‘I bought a doll I liked and then suddenly my grail goes on sale’. So I did a bad and bought another doll before I had the first one paid off. For awhile I felt a little ping of regret, at least until the shipping notice came in unexpectedly. I figured I’d be lucky to see her by my birthday on the 20th! Moreover, she got to the US so quickly! It’s like she couldn’t wait to be home or something. Either way, I was patient and barely checked her tracking, and when she arrived on a Saturday (first doll I’ve been able to sign for since my first one), I waited hours before opening her box! I guess one reason for that was because I was afraid that her lavender skin might be too tacky, but woah was I ever wrong! So without further ado…

Standard SOOM box. I was relieved to see the packaging was fully in tact and not all wet or smooshed.

My poor Chrom’s doll box was drenched for some reason when he came in, so it’s nice to see this one is in good shape.


This was my first time not only seeing SOOM’s purple skin, but also seeing a supergem girl in person. Her boobs are huge! I can already tell buying her tops is going to be a feat. I do love the skin color, though. It’s very soft and pale.

She sits up great… For now….

HER FEET ARE HUGE. Oh my God. I didn’t know what to expect but this is far beyond what I imagined. I couldn’t believe it.

Then I opened the bubblewrap with her head and… It sorta made everything worth it. I cannot describe to you the joy I felt seeing her face for the first time. I’ve always wanted a SOOM Amber since the first time I saw her and to get another chance at her was just… To give you an idea I almost teared up. I feel a little silly saying that but it’s true.

Her hands are another thing I love. Slender fingers are a big deal to me so these are just spectacular.

Last but not least, the horns! I’m actually not sure how I feel about the horns. I like them, but I feel like they’re a little too translucent, because you can clearly see the magnets when they’re in.

Little comparison shot of her horns and hands. I still can’t get over how big her hooves are.

And one more of her pretty little face before I put her together!

So… Here’s the thing… Because she got here early… I didn’t really have anything for her. No clothes, no wig, not even eyes. Luckily I have some spares laying around that’ll suffice until she gets her own. (The eyes were from my Chrom. He’s wearing his black and red ones right now)

Holy hole in a doughnut batman. She may be beautiful but she HATES sitting, standing, or doing anything besides looking pretty. This will 100% be the first doll I break down and suede. While the camera wasn’t flashing I spent at least 30 minutes trying to find some trick to get her to stand better. It would’ve been hilarious if anyone had recorded me pleading with the doll to just stay up.

Bit of a comparison shot to Atticus, My Dollshe Saint. He’s just barely taller than her, not counting the antlers.

Looks like Mephistopheles got himself a new minion.

And the final shot. I stumbled upon an unused wig just as I was about to pack up my camera gear. It’s unused for a reason, because it’s ridiculously high maintenance. I guess in that way it really suits her, haha! I do like her as a blonde though.

That’s it! Thanks for looking guys! Hopefully the next time you see this pretty little faun she’ll have some clothes, a new wig, and her very own pair of eyes! I’m still contemplating a name, but I think Merriweather might suit her nicely.

3 thoughts on “SOOM Amber Box Opening!

  1. how do the feet hooves attach? I have one I bought in pieces (a migma) there is no hook hold or hooks that size..what is the corrsct way to attach them?

    1. Amber’s hooves are attached by really small S Hooks. I took a quick pic of it here. I’m not sure if Migma is the same way since I recall SOOM updating their bodies and Amber was sold with the old version, but I think the hooks are equivalent to like the smaller hand/feet S hooks for MSD’s and under. Even if you got the doll second hand, you should consider asking SOOM if that is indeed what you need and if you could buy it from them. I was gifted a Bobobie doll awhile ago and when I asked the company for the S hooks the doll was missing, they just asked that I pay the shipping for them. I hope this helps! 🙂

  2. thank you so much..I found some random statement from somebody eventually..LOL I got her done! thanks so much!!!

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