Getting Anxious ;^;

So it’s been roughly 4 months (August 31st) since I ordered my Chrom Soul Tracker. The first 3 months were an easy wait since I was so busy and had little to no time to myself. Things have, however, slowed down considerably in my life. Yeah, it’s definitely a good thing but now I’m just… Sitting here at the computer refreshing EVERYTHING waiting to hear something. I’ll stalk waiting threads to see if other Chrom’s are shipping and keep checking SOOM’s page to see if they neglected to send me a notification.

I finally broke down and asked about a ship date on SOOM’s Q&A. At first they told me I’d have to wait for my answer, then they said December 1st. I’m not sure if that made the wait better or worse because days are just creeping by. I’m also well aware that just because they give you a date doesn’t mean it’s going to hold up, and I’m trying to keep that in mind.

The sad thing is… I don’t even have a name for him. I actually just bought a wig for him last night (He’s only gonna have eyes and a set of horns). Not that I haven’t been thinking, but I feel like I’ll have a better idea when I actually see him and can hold him. God, those jointed hands are gonna be so cool. Gotta send good vibes SOOM’s way and hopefully all will go well and my doll will ship when they say it will. *crosses fingers*

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