Top 10 Cat-Themed Dolls

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these! Cats are, admittedly, my favorite fuzzy creature. I love cats! More over, I love cat-themed BJD’s. This list will have a variety of creations from anthros to quadrupedal to just catish. This is all personal preference so I’m sorry if your favorite isn’t listed here!

1. Pipos

I’m a bit biased when it comes to all things Pipos. Having two of their cheshires myself, I can tell you they look just as precious in person as they do in their pictures, but this isn’t specifically a feature for the cheshire, it’s all of their cat dolls!

M.MINUET Limited Edition

Pipos dolls have a certain aesthetic that just makes them stand out, and it’s in all their dolls. I’ve seen a lot of anthro BJD’s, and I try to like them just as much, but in the end they’re just not the same. Perhaps it’s the fact that they seem to have innocence down to a T, or the fact that their faceups are so complimenting to the doll. It’s hard to say, but I recommend them to anyone and everyone who loves animal-themed BJDs!

2. Dollzone Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty has been on my wishlist for some time now, and it’s not hard to see why.

Dollzone Miss Kitty

That face is just cute as a button, but more than that, I think her whole form is well thought out. The ears are magnetic so you can place a wig under them, her body is slender and lanky, and I just want to hug her until she breaks (but not really). I’ve never been a huge Dollzone fan, but I truly love this sculpt.

3. Aileen Doll Kathy

Aileen Doll is a really interesting and seldom discussed (as far as I’ve seen) company. I like the fact that they take risks, even though the doll may not be the most praised.

Aileen Doll Kathy

But these guys definitely know how to do cat dolls. This is sort of a double-feature, but these dolls came together in a full set once upon a time. The eyes are just too precious on the pet doll, and the colors are so vibrant and eye-catching. I really love these, and do recommend you take a look at the rest of what this company has to offer.

4. Eve Studio Project Cats

Eve Studio Project is a fantastic company with 3D computer printed BJD’s. I’m sure it sounds weird to you at first, but just take a look at the detail:

Eve Studio Project Cats

These little critters are incredibly posable and versatile in their looks. They come in sphinx, oriental, and british flavors, made to order. Not only does this company feature these beautiful cats, but they also have pugs, rabbits and now, dragons! Definitely worth a look.

5. DearMine DUNE

DearMine has some amazing anthro dolls from cutesy wutesy to more mature anthro sculpts. I haven’t found one I don’t consider charming yet, and it was incredibly hard to decide which one to feature, but I finally decided a male cat doll was in order.

DearMine DUNE

I’ve seen some sculpts fall short of what I consider the best features of the feline form, but I’d consider this to be an excellent example. A little anime-ish, but that’s a great thing if those are qualities you’re looking for in a bjd.

6. Dollmore Catish Doll

I will be honest, I had originally considered skipping over this doll. It is not a doll I could ever personally see myself owning, but she certainly has some lovely qualities about her.

Dollmore Catish Doll

I’ve seen many of these around the net, and it seems like everyone has their own unique idea of how to best bring out her catty qualities. This doll also has a few different color options (including, but not limited to, jet black), and it looks like recently they added a boy option as well!

7. DikaDoll MianMian

I like DikaDoll as a company. I think they’ve got some fantastic sculpts that are available in a variety of resin colors. Resin color is not something I tend to mention too often because, in many different ways, I’m a very vanilla kind of girl. Including the color, but I think Dika’s color selection is very earthy and real, and that’s what makes it lovely to-

DikaDoll MianMian

-oh my God this thing is so precious! HNNNNNNGH.

8. Nobility Doll Miu

There are some things that are just destined to melt your heart. The following may very well be one of them.

Nobility Doll Miu

I stumbled upon this company while writing this entry, and I feel like a better person for finding them. Their website is just overflowing with preciousness, but the fact that this is a little scottish fold kitty sort of broke me. I am of the sound opinion that the world needs more scottish fold bjds to be a better place. Yes.

9. Luts ZuZu Delf Persi

Luts is quite the popular company in the BJD community, and for good reason. They really know how to sculpt a lovely face. The anthro dolls are no different.


Persi is one of those dolls that are technically limited but there are many flavors of limited, very much like Pipos in their endeavors. The ideas they have for costumes and makeup are just phenomenal, and very unique. You’d be hard pressed to find one you don’t like (but it might be best if you don’t considering the limited thing).

10. Iplehouse Luna Tamer

Bet you thought this list would be nothing but cute, right? Well here’s the daily recommended dose of sexy for you.

Iplehouse Luna Tamer

Iplehouse will time and time again outdo themselves with limiteds. They have a magic touch when it comes to appealing to just about everybody. I am of the opinion that Luna is one of the loveliest mature cat dolls out there, and not just because it’s Iplehouse. She has a nice shape, her features aren’t outstanding and in your face, and the cat parts are, in my opinion, pleasingly subtle. I like the fact that her ears are basically human ears with cat-like properties. You don’t see that often.

Whelp, this has been my top 10 list. I’m surprised I actually made it to 10. Usually I’d cop out long before this point. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, and I hope you enjoyed.

(All photos belong to their respective companies. I do not own any of these.)

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Cat-Themed Dolls

  1. I’m really happy to have stumbled upon this blog post. I’ve been looking at the Pipos line, and I didn’t realize there were more Cat BJDs out there! Thank you for this blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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