Happy Weekend!

It’s been awhile since this little lady was mentioned, but that’s because I just finished her faceup! Haha, yes. I do take awhile to motivate myself. I won’t say I 100% like the look of it. The black eyeliner might be too much and it’s so hard to get her eyes where I want them because of the way the sockets are shaped, but I think it is an improvement. The eyelashes I bought from a lingerie website of all places.

I’m sorry to admit that she still doesn’t have a concrete name. I’ve been calling her Piyoko in my head but I’m not sure how much I like it. Oh well.

“Piyoko” is a Bobobie Pixie, the eyelashes are from yandy.com, and her wig is from DollHeart. I couldn’t say where her dress is from, as it came with her.

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