You’re killing me, Soom.

Chrom was an awesome limited doll. It doesn’t need to be said, considering at least 75% of Soom limiteds are just this mass of awesome, and now they’ve rereleased him.

And, Imo, he’s better than ever. Yeah, the fantasy parts are lacking, as they were with Heliot, but there’s something about that face that just gives me the goosebumps. I love his stare, and the fact that his lips aren’t swollen and in your face like Pete Burns. That’s always been a little peeve I had with Soom, though I’m sure some people prefer them.

Dat come hither stare. Mmm.I guess the biggest reason why I’m into him is because he reminds me of a friend’s character. Would it be weird to get a doll because of that? I’m not sure. I definitely wouldn’t give it the same name or traits.

chrom2The horns can either come in transparent white or the brick red shown in the above photo. There are also what they call “Soultracker” hands, which look like armored hand parts.

chrom3Not as crazy about the hands as I am the horns (I actually really dig the horns), but luckily you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want them. That’s always a nice touch. I think the only thing I’m really iffy on is the torso. I wish I could see the doll nude and decide whether there’s too many muscles for my taste or not. I’m one of those people who treads the middle ground. I’m not into girly figured dudes, but too much torso action and I’m doneion rings. So herein lies my dilemma. I just bought two computers on my credit (one is for my boyfriend who is paying me back in monthly installments), and there’s a convention coming up I should more than likely save for. I’m not so much worried about if I can and can’t afford him as I am about not having spending money until oh, roughly December. I (and potentially you) have until September 4rd (teehee) to decide. Good luck, Godspeed.

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