SOOM Heliot Rerelease (sort of).

So, I guess I’m beside myself right now. I was never immune to Heliot’s magical whims, so when SOOM posted on Facebook about a re release of everyone’s favorite grail doll, I about had a heart attack.

Then I saw it.

heliot1He’s still an amazing looking doll, yes. I am just a twinge disappointed that they changed things, though. I’ve never been a big fan of the open mouthed dolls, though this one seems pleasantly detailed unlike some vampire-esque dolls I’ve seen. He’s still got that placid ‘come hither’ look in his eyes, which is a relief. My biggest disappointment, however, is the lack of fantasy parts.

heliot2I know what you might be thinking. “But wait whimsical doll blog writer, what about those head wings?!” Yeah, there are those, and I guess they also come with clawed hands, but anyone who remembers Heliot can recall the beautiful unicorn horn and hooved legs. I think that was half the reason why I loved the sculpt in the first place… Which, I realize the legs can be added as I so please, but I feel like it’s just not the same.

heliot3I dunno. I’m not trying to sound whiny. I just remember dreaming of the day I could claim one for myself and have my own majestic pony doll. Does it mean I won’t buy one? Well, I’m really fighting with myself right now. It’s a hard chance to pass up on. Truly it is. I have other things I want to buy, but my financial obligations are currently under control and I could definitely afford it. I don’t really have any ideas set in stone for him, but that doesn’t mean I never will. Moreover, I could try to resin match the body to my IoS Chaos and stash the head away for future endeavors. I just don’t know. At the very least, resell value is high in this hobby so if nothing good comes of it, I could always ship him off to a place where he would be happier. Hm. Decisions decisions.

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