New doll plans~

With another new splash of inspiration comes new goals and new plans. Luckily, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Immortality of Soul is selling most of their dolls for one last time before discontinuing them. It’s both sad and great news. Great in the sense that I didn’t think I’d have another shot at Chaos.

IoS Chaos
IoS Chaos

If I had known about IoS sooner, my wallet would have gone through another great depression years ago. These guys really know how to take en expression and twist it into something beyond creepy (yet extremely awesome). I actually have a specific character in mind for this little grin monster.

Which is this guy! My monochrome vampire character, Lou. The biggest issue? Finding a wig with those little white tufts of hair that sort of look like horns. I think, however, I’ve found a custom wig shop that might be able to make me a moehair wig similar to it. Eyes? Spirals, of course.

Another issue is finding a body. I would’ve bought one from IoS itself without question, but it looks like they won’t have the 70cm bodies back out until the end of the year because the mold broke, apparently. So I guess it’s resin matching time! What I’d really like is to match the white skin of IoS with another company that has jointed hands. I’ve wanted a doll with jointed hands since I realized they were a possibility. I think DikaDoll is a possibility, since they have two different white skin colors. Got my fingers crossed to find a comparison between the two. Hopefully I’ll be keeping this updated as I come up with more ideas for my future floating head~

2 thoughts on “New doll plans~

  1. Chaos is soooooo gorgeous. I haven’t heard of these dolls before. Glad to find your blog.

    1. Glad I could be of some use! You’re the first person to comment on anything, so many, many thanks to you. 😀 My Chaos head actually shipped yesterday, so as soon as he comes in, I’ll post pictures~

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