A slow return after a rough year.

I can’t really use my ‘rough year’ as a viable excuse for failing to keep up with this blog, because truly, a lot of it rides on my lack of interest. I love my dolls and could never sell them, but there are periods of time where I’ll go months on end without touching them. Some of that is because I can’t seem to do as much with them as I want to (such as sewing clothes), but the rest is just the fact that I’ve always been like this. I cycle through my different interests throughout the year and have trouble keeping my head in just one area.

But when I do get back in, I do my best to keep my interest perked for longer than I did last time. I’m going to try my hands at sewing again and hope to God this time I manage to at least make a pair of pants.

It was a rough year though. Honestly. I graduated college after a grating last semester and… Nothing. None of the change I was hoping for happened, because I just expected it to appear magically. Since the day I walked off the stage, I’ve been fighting the losing battle with my apathy. I want to do all these proactive and innovative things, but when I sit down to do them I just think about how futile it is. It’s an awful, awful outlook, but I’m aware that just acknowledging that won’t fix it. The support I get from my friends and family helps, though. I know for certain I’m not the only one experiencing such feelings, and that is comforting.

So lets see what I can do with this jolt of inspiration. I’ll have more posts in the coming days about my plans and ideas for my BJD’s, and possibly an update to the layout of the blog (or at least a new header).

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