Top 7 Vampire Dolls.

I’d like to do a weekly(ish) feature of different kinds of dolls from different companies and thought this would be a pretty great place to start. Obviously this list is compiled from my own opinions on aesthetics and probably a pinch of bias, but I’m hoping that with lists like this, I can introduce people to options that they hadn’t seen before. Give them a “woah, this doll is cool! I think I might want to buy it!” kind of moment, or at least show them them the unique style of a different company! So here’s my list of vampire dolls that really tickle my fancy.

1. Souldoll Vampire Kagel

Souldoll Vampire Kagel

Brooding face, intense eyes, and a look that says “I’m not here because I want to be”. So far he’s one of my favorite vampire BJD’s and is on my list of ‘must haves in the future’.

2. Soom Gluino – Vampire Alchemist

Soom Gluino

Ever played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night? Well this cool cat looks a whole lot like a certain half-vampire from a certain game about slaying certain other vampires, and that’s certainly a point counted toward him. It’s not just that, though. The structure of his face is long and pleasing, and his lips aren’t oversized like some of SOOM’s dolls tend to be (not that I don’t love SOOM, but I won’t deny that sometimes the large luscious lips make me cringe).

3. Dikadoll Ruber Vampire

Dikadoll Ruber

Ah, now this is a face that feels more familiar amongst vampire aficionados. That stare that says to you ‘come hither’, but really means ‘dinner time’. I think the company made a good choice putting glasses on him. He must be a well-read killer. As for the sculpt itself, I think a lot of what makes the appeal of these is the shape of the eyes. If they were too round or too wide, they’d lose a lot of aesthetic points to me.

4. Zuzu Delf CHU – Vampire

Zuzu Delf CHU

Haha, well this one is more of a joke than anything, but you gotta admit it was at least an interesting idea. If I purchased one of these, I’d be naming it Nosfuratu.

5. EDRIA vampire

When you go looking for dolls to put on a list, you may be surprised by what you find. I’ve never heard of this company, but she’s from La Légende de Temps, and these guys have some amazing heads for sale. Anyways, I figured I needed to make sure at least one of these was a female sculpt. Usually the idea of dolls and open mouths is a little off-putting to me, but I think this is handled very well. There’s a subtle glimpse of her front teeth, and it really adds to her look.

6. Dream of Doll Elf Mr. W

Elf Mr. W

Couldn’t rightfully have vampire dolls without at least one Dream of Doll. If looks could kill, these babies would be behind a mass genocide of BJD hobbyists everywhere.

7. Leeke World Khal Vampire

Leeke World Khal

Another limited, unfortunately. If only they made ‘get any limited doll you want from any company you want’ gift cards. Overall, it’s the normally pleasing aspects. Narrow glare, pleasantly shaped head, and I rather enjoy the mold of the body.

What, just 7? Hey, no complaining. I like to keep things fresh. 10 is so last year. I think I’m just going to do a random number all the time. You never know how many I’ll post next time!

Anyways, there’s my list. Whether you agree, disagree, or just want to tell me how weird I am, gimme a comment! If you think I missed a really great vampire doll, gimme a link to that as well. As always, I’d love to hear some different opinions!

3 thoughts on “Top 7 Vampire Dolls.

    1. Awwww, thank you for the comment! Glad I could help. I’ve actually been planning to add to this list. I’ve seen a lot of other awesome vampire dolls since this post. ❤

  1. Good information nicely done. I have theOrientdoll Tae and just dressed him in the Tremmel outfit from acbjd mystic kids. Also just learned Tremmel’s outfit is from England’s Tudor Rose Vampire Chronicles Kiss of the rose. I have photos if you want.

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