Anatomical Correctness?

I’m always a little hesitant to touch on this subject, because on a normal day, I avoid telling people just how ‘detailed’ my dolls are. When you say they’re anatomically correct, the mind directly goes to ‘oh, it’s a sex doll’. So let me go about this in the calmest, cleanest way I possibly can.

BJD’s take the best features from the human form. Their bodies are beautifully sculpted, so is it that farfetched for them to actually have gender? And, to be truthful, usually that part of them isn’t really detailed at all. It’s more implied. It’s all about perception. Some people will see them as toys, and that’s okay. Though, I’d more relate them to the idea of a less fragile porcelain doll that can actually be used for practicing various forms of art. I’ve heard a lot of people say they use these dolls to study the human form and improve their anatomy drawing skills, which relates back to the idea that the anatomical correctness could be an important element.

By that same token, however, it’s not important to everyone. Many doll owners claim that they would prefer a genderless doll. Understandable, since most dolls don’t go anywhere without a modest set of clothes. Heck, before I’d seen a ‘naked’ doll, I hadn’t even thought about the aspect of them having gender. Would I buy a genderless doll? It certainly wouldn’t stop me from buying the doll, at the very least.

I don’t consider myself a pervert for owning dolls like this, and I believe anyone who becomes obsessed with accusing someone of being thus is the pervert themselves. If all you can see when you look at a doll is the fact that it has gender, you’re the pervert. Obviously I can understand the initial shock. I had to do a double take myself, but I’d never insult someone over it.

To make a long story short, many statues and paintings feature nudity, but it is rarely the main subject or purpose of the piece. It’s for realism. That’s all.

2 thoughts on “Anatomical Correctness?

  1. Great topic. I encountered the same outlandish “you’re-a-pervert!” reaction from an internet troll just recently and wrote a post about the experience it on my blog. I then back-tracked and removed my own post because I figured why waste time justifying the need for male and female characters in a completely normal pursuit like doll-collecting. Personally, I love dolls to be gender specific and I think some of the beautiful doll-artists’ translations of the human form are what makes this hobby so unique and special. I’d even go so far as to say I dislike when people and particularly retailers censor their doll pictures. I understand WHY they believe they need to do it but I think it’s unnecessary. And when it comes to purchasing dolls I want to see the whole doll before I make a decision and lay down my cash.

    1. Oh lord. It was probably just some 12 year old nosing around where they don’t belong. I definitely agree with you on the censoring. If they’re worried about being NSFW, they can always just post an uncensored link instead of censoring all the pictures. Thanks a bunch for the comment!

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